About Art in Stitch

Art in Stitch aims at taming threads in an innovative manner.It strikes a different chord,rather instantly.And , it leaves the viewer spellbound.It also reiterates the fact that creativity of any kind can manifest its inner thoughts through uncanny methods.

Art in Stitch showcases the works of art done by the artist over a period of last several years.Watching these works is itself an enriching experiance.

Art in Stitch has in store , plenty of pleasant surprises for you.From Mahatma Gandhi to Monalisa , and from peacock to replicas of renowned paintings ,  it’s a unique gallery , perhaps , the only one of its kind.

Art in Stitch employs only bare essential materials and machinery like colourful threads and a stitching machine to carve out elegant portraits and other works with unmatched perfection, It also proves that to be innovative , one does not have to be a tech – savvy but apply thought and creativity in an appropriate measure.

Art in Stitch has a steady stream of classic portraits of those from the world of art , music , politics , and religion.Unmistakably , the works on display not only delights the viewer but also astonishes the viewer.